Saturday, March 5, 2011

Three Point Landing

The Biding Chicks are are still flitting around, but we are going in so many different directions right now!

BOTH of Dawn's computers are in the shop.  I have been just trying to keep up with my life and had 2 Meme's to post on Kingdom Arrows this week, so that has taken all my brain power.

But,  since it is spring and we are seeing lots of new birds around, I wanted to talk about the Three Point Landing.  I often go to classes about how to attract birds to your yard, and this was a new tidbit for me. 

Here is my best feeding station.
Birds like to come into your feeder and land/hop/fly in a 3 point pattern.  It is important when you set up your feeding station that you have at least 3 places of different heights they can land/fly/hop on.  This can be anything- porch rails, planter, bush, bird bath, etc.  These landing spots can be man-made or God made. 

Once I get my summer feeding station fixed up, I will post a picture.  It has a completely different ethos.

Don't forget Tweet and See for March!


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