About the Olive Plants

Welcome to Birders for Life!

This blog is shared by the Olive Plants and the Kingdom Arrows.   We are two Christian homeschooling families who love to identify the birds we see at our feeders, around our home towns and just about anywhere we go!

Let me introduce you to the Olve Plants.  You can click the Kingdom Arrows tab at the top of the page to read more about them.

We started bird watching five years ago with our friends, the Counter-cultural School family, and have grown to love spending time outdoors as a family looking for our feathered friends.  Birding is something we hope to do together for the rest of our lives, thus the name for our blog.

This is our dad, Michael.
He teaches Spanish
and tells really funny jokes!

This is really a picture of all of us,
but the lady in the middle wearing the red Christmas shirt
is our mom, Dawn.
(Our camera is broken, and this was the only picture we had of her.
We are saving for a new camera and will have a new picture of her soon!)
She writes at Olive Plants,
homeschools us,
tutors international students,
and makes soap.

This is Orville.
He is independent, charming, loyal,
out-spoken, brainy, funny,
and loves all things that fly,
except for the ones that sting.
He is already campaigning for political office
and would appreciate your vote one day!

This is Wilbur.
He is all-boy, adventurous, kind,
fun-loving, artistic,
inventive, resourceful and
loves the water.
He is already planning
what his future home will look like!

We hope you enjoy reading about our bird watching adventures!

Happy birding!
The Olive Plants