Friday, February 11, 2011

Foto Friday and Great Backyard Bird Count

Pine Siskins at our feeder.
This may not seem a very exciting picture, but for a bird lover, to have any bird come to your feeder for the first time is fun.  It is also wonderful to be able to add another bird to your Life List.

  Thanks to our new friends at Renaissance who let us participate in Foto Friday.  Check out the other great pics!

It is ONE WEEK from today that the GBBC starts.  This means you have not missed it!  Click here to read the rules.  You only have to do a minimum of 15 minutes, although once you get started bird counting, you and your kids  might be hooked!  There are also educational ideas for this week that you can use in schooling and for nature study. 

If you enjoy the GBBC, you might want to consider participating in a monthly Bird List called Tweet and See.  Click here to learn more about it. 



  1. I, definitely, understand how you feel. I love it when I see a new bird at our feeders. When I do, I either race (as calmly as possible, as to not scare the thing away) for the camera or "yell" for my daughter to get it. Then I grab the bird book and start looking. :) Thanks for posting.

  2. My kids and I were just watching birds today for the longest time. We saw Blue Jays, House Sparrows, Black-Capped Chickadees, Cardinals, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Juncos, and White-Breasted Nuthatches! It was so wonderful! :-)

  3. I love birds and they are wonderful to watch. I'm not so good at photographing them though! :-)

  4. These remind me I need to get feed for our feeders! Great shots.

  5. I've always loved watching the birds, my grandparents always had a birdfeeder outside their window so they could watch them daily..I really need to do the same so my children can enjoy it as well- Pretty Pic :)

  6. oh it is VERY exciting! I LOVE bird shots! Thanks for participating! Do again! :-)

  7. thanks for all the encouragement in bird photography and kind comments. Now I am inspired to get a shot a week, now if those birds would just stand still while I run for my camera....


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