Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dawn has actually opened her blog, Birders for Life, for me to offer some little peeps and tweets on here.  Actually, I have hijacked it for now and she does not even know I am writing a post.  Just call me Ghost Bird.

Actually, you can visit me at Kingdom Arrows, under normal circumstances.  But, I will introduce myself a little.  I have four children and we became a birding family one year ago.  Olive Plants and family encouraged us to enter the Georgia Youth Birding Competition since Tennessee did not have one, so we jumped in with both feet and began learning birds.  Dawn is going to post her Birding 101 posts here, so you will learn how to get started.  She also has great birding stories to tell.   Dawn is very creative and is a hands on teacher.  I will cheep in on how to make birding a part of your homeschooling routine and how to continue beyond the basic 30-45 birds you will be able to learn quickly.  I am an expert on that, since that is right where my family is in our learning process. 

This is a place for all things Birds.  So if you are lay ornithologists, or if you just think birds are pretty, stick around.  Olive Plants and Kingdom Arrows are our "home" blogs where we will continue to chronicle our journey as homeschool moms, wives, and tell other stories of our families.  This is a place for us to share one of our passions with you and each other (did I tell you we were in each other's weddings?).


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